Food Blogging Features


Cookbook theme will automatically list all your tags on the sidebar. To do this, just make sure you have “Show Popular Tags” turned on in customization settings. This will collect all tags that have been used at least once (so that “one-off” tags won’t clog up the sidebar).

You can take this feature one step further by also enabling “custom tags”. To do this turn on “Show Custom Tag Nav” in customization settings. When this is turned on, Cookbook theme will display any tags listed in the “Custom Tags” textfield in its own list on the sidebar. Simply seperate your Custom Tags by comma like this:

Sounds a bit confusing? Don’t worry here’s a practical example of how tags work with Cookbook theme: 

This is a post that’s a link to a Bagel recipe. The post has four tags: “bagels”, “baking”, “breakfast” and “new york”.

With “Show Popular Tags” turned on and “Show Custom Tags” turned off, this is what will display on the sidebar:

Now here’s the sidebar again, but this time with “Show Popular Tags” and “Show Custom Tags” turned on:

As you can see the tag “baking” is not on the popular tags list, it is underneath it’s own list underneath “Recipes”.

The title of the list, “Recipes”, is set in customization settings under “Custom Tags Title”. The title for popular tags, which is default set to “Popular Tags” is set under “Popular Tags Title”.

The Cookbook theme demo uses Custom Tags to display recipes. As you can see the list is titled “Recipes”. You can use custom tags for whatever you want - even if you aren’t a food blogger!

Including time and serves in Recipe posts

As you can see in this text post, after the first paragraph there is text showing how many people the recipe caters for and how much time the recipe will take to make. 

To get this to show up on your text posts, simply add tags with a prefix of “serves:” and “time:” and Cookbook theme will pick it up and insert it into the post for you!

For example, here’s a text post that serves 4 people and takes 45 minutes. This is what the post has been tagged with:

Print friendly pages

You can display a ‘Print’ link for text and photo posts. If you don’t want this to display just make sure “Show Print Link” is turned off in customization settings. The Print link will open the post in a new page with a less cluttered layout and will then trigger the browser / device to print the post.